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Founded in 2006, First Help Financial is a family-owned and customer-focused automobile lender serving the Northeast region. Our team is dedicated to providing fair and ethical lending to our borrowers through our network of dealer partners. We are always looking for high quality new dealers to expand our relationships. If you are a dealer looking for new financing sources to help grow your business, please contact us directly at 1-866-FHF-4345 and we will have a business development associate visit your dealership to review how our program can help you drive an increase in sales.

We are dedicated to combining exceptional dealer service with a quick funding process and clear underwriting standards. Speak with one of our network dealers and you will find that our team has a reputation for winning, growing and retaining business at our dealerships. We want the opportunity to win your business.

First Help Financial is an equal opportunity employer and lender and does not discriminate in hiring or lending practices based on ethnic origin, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. Our customer service department is multilingual and we are always interested in fielding phone calls from potential customers looking to purchase a vehicle.


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